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This business truly started as a vision.  It began as just a hobby, selling jewelry and crafts at local shows in the area where I live.  Now that vision has become reality.

I am proud to offer:

  • pet-themed bracelets & earrings

  • inspirational themed bracelets

  • Swarovski crystal  bracelets & earrings

  • jewelry pouches  ( COMING SOON! )

  • holiday-themed bracelets & earrings

  • Swarovski birthstone earrings

  • gemstone bracelets & earrings

  • bracelet & earring sets

  • necklaces    ( COMING SOON! )

  • Chakra bracelets    ( COMING SOON! )

  • healing bracelets   ( COMING SOON! )

  • Zodiac charm bracelets     ( COMING SOON! )

New product information will be published in the blog.  

In addition to selling online, I will continue to sell at craft shows in the Ohio area.  Information on what shows I will be at will be on the blog posts when I get confirmation on them.


For those who are local in the Northeast Ohio area, I also sell my pet-themed jewelry at:

Atomic Dog Groomery

8055 Broadview Rd.

Broadview Hts., OH 44147

Thank you for your support, and Happy Shopping!

Pamela Wright

CEO & Lead Designer

Crown Jewels Ohio

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