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    In a series of NEW & EXCLUSIVE designs from Crown Jewels Ohio, the new production line features a set of bracelets centered around Thai BL series that are airing, both internationally and here in the United States.  I am pleased to offer & design not just one, but two different styles of bracelets for purchase:

  • STYLE #1 will feature the names of characters from the Thai BL series

  • STYLE #2 will feature the names of actors from the Thai BL series

 The series I will be focusing on are:

  • "Between Us" / "Unti We Meet Again"

  • "Unforgotten Night"

  • "Bed Friend" / "Middleman's Love"

  • "Cutie Pie" / "Naughty Babe"

  • "Love In the Air"

  • "KinnPorsche"

  • "Check Out"

  • "Step by Step"

  • "The Eclipse"

  • "TharnType"

  • "Only Friends"

  • "A Boss and A Babe"

  • "Big Dragon"

  • "PitBabe"


  I cannot cover every single series, but if there is a particular couple (actors or characters) that you would like on a bracelet, I will be adding a page where you can create your own design.


  1. All bracelets will be done with a clasp and will come with a 2" chain extender.  I do not make stretch bracelets.

  2. Bracelets will be done with either silver or gold round letter beads & coordinating gemstones and crystals.

  3. Bracelets will be priced at $12 each.

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